Dr Berios will be involved in an exciting new clinical trial, This  international fibroid study will involve the recruitment of patients suffering from uterine fibroid(s) (myoma) and have heavy periods.The duration of the trial will be approximately one year induration and will involve the screening of your fibroid(s) and a short follow up period.

If you fit into the following inclusion criteria , Dr Berios would be very interested in including you into this exciting trial.

Inclusion criteria

  • older than 18 years
  • General good health
  • The fibroid must have been diagnosed by ultrasound and must be >30mm and <120mm
  • You must be suffering from heavy period
  • Your last Pap smear must be normal
  • You must be willing to use Non – Hormonal method of contraception

Exclusion  criteria

  • You must not be pregnant nor breastfeeding
  • You must not be in the need for an immediate blood transfusion
  • You must not be suffering from Ovarian cysts
  1. You will receive free examinations, blood tests and ultrasounds
  2. You will be financially compensated for your travels/meal to the practice
  3. You will receive all treatment, as prescribed by the study – free of charge

Remember, once enrolled you may withdraw from the study at any time and at your own free will.

How do find out more – Contact Dr Berios’s rooms on 031 582 5053/5 or 032 946 6985. Or even easier, contact us on our email – admin@berios.co.za