Your first obstetrics visit with Dr Berios will be an important start to a very important relationship. It usually takes place between 6 – 8 weeks (that is 6 -8 weeks after the first day of your last period) and is the basis for everything that will follow in the pregnancy. Dr Berios will take a thorough history, perform a general medical examination and do an ultra-sound. The examination is a general one, and involves checking your blood pressure and listening to your heart and lungs. An internal examination is almost never performed. He will request a fresh urine sample where he checks your urine for the presence of blood, glucose and leucocytes (presence of an infection) . Furthermore he will take your weight and monitor it throughout your pregnancy.


An ultra-sound is really important at the first appointment and Dr Berios will do the ultra-sound himself in the consulting rooms. It confirms that the pregnancy is intra-uterine, the due date for the pregnancy and whether there are twins. From 9 weeks gestation, the ultra-sound can be done through your abdomen about 95 percent of the time, making an internal ultra-sound unnecessary, Seeing your baby on the screen for the first time is incredibly exciting and something you’ll never forget. Furthermore, you will see your little baby’s heart beating and will be able to hear it.


Dr Berios, will then arrange all your blood tests and ultrasounds that are needed, and discuss the importance of each test that will be conducted. He will discuss all the pros and cons of each test and advise about screening tests verses diagnostic tests.

It is the longest appointment for the pregnancy, taking about 45 minutes. There is always plenty of time to ask questions.

Subsequent appointments will take place once a month until you reach 28 weeks gestation and then the frequency will increase to two visits every month and the last 4 weeks, doctor will need to see you weekly. These are standard appointments, and others will be arranged if the need arises.


Below is a list of tests that Dr Berios will recommend for you to undergo at the beginning of your pregnancy. They are all screening tests. This means he is not particularly concerned that you might have these conditions, only that they are conditions commonly seen in pregnant women and are important to the outcome of the pregnancy. In special circumstances, he will also recommend other tests and will discuss them with you if needed.

  1. Full blood count (FBC)
  2. Blood group and antibody screen
  3. Infectious disease screen (Hepatitis B & C, – HIV, Syphilis, Varicella and Rubella)
  4. Urine test for infection (MSU)
  5. Thyroid test (TSH)