Bleeding in pregnancy, and to a lesser degree pain, are common symptoms in the early stages. The most likely outcome is a normal viable pregnancy, however, they are symptoms that should be investigated. Investigations required for women with pain and bleeding in early pregnancy are BHCG level, blood group and an ultrasound scan.

An ultra-sound scan is only useful if the pregnancy is big enough to be seen {usually about one week after missing your period). It is only able to confirm that the pregnancy is viable (or healthy) by seeing a fetal heart beat, and this can be seen approximately two weeks after missing a period. Ultrasounds prior to this often give an “equivocal” result, meaning it needs to be repeated after a week to check that the pregnancy is growing or for the presence of a heart beat.


Pain and bleeding in early pregnancy always needs to be investigated. In the event of very severe pain, hemorrhage or collapse, you should present yourself immediately at the closest casualty unit. For bleeding and pain that is mild to moderate, it is OK to call Dr Berios’s rooms for advice on 031 582 5053. For severe symptoms after hours,  patients will be given access to contact Dr Berios on his mobile number.